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SIP Trunking service is simply a phone line replacement option that is significantly less expensive than traditional analog phone lines and PRI services.  IPitomy SIP Trunking services typically save customers 50-75% on their local and long distance phone bills.

The service requires high speed internet bandwidth and works with your existing phone system so there is no need to replace phones or equipment. And, unlike with PRIs, you purchase only the trunks you need based on your maximum number of concurrent calls.  As a matter of fact, the IPitomy SIP Trunking bundles provide you with more than enough trunks to insure that you never have a busy signal!

The IPitomy SIP Trunking service is quick and easy to deploy and can work for your company in one of two ways depending on the type of phone system (PBX) that you currently have.  They are as follows:

  1. IP PBX-Most new phone systems sold today fall into this category and are SIP-enabled. The Connection to the IPitomy network is very simple with no additional equipment required as all end points communicate with our switch through internet protocol.
  2. Analog PBX-Connecting your analog PBX to the IPITOMY network requires a SIP interface, VoIP gateway or ATA (analog telephony adaptor). The ROI for this equipment is very short and cost effective.

When one of the two options above have been deployed, your SIP network will look like the illustration below.

Key SIP Trunking Advantages

 Cost savings of 50% and more
•  Direct Inward Dial - DID's
•  Month to month customer agreements
•  Compatible with any IP or analog PBX
•  Disaster Recovery
•  Superb voice quality
•  Extra capacity to provide more call paths
•  National Directory Listings
•  Toll free Numbers with Competitive Rates
•  911 Service
•  24 X 7 support
•  Free Trial - Like before you buy


IPitomy Small Office Platform is a  Compact Powerful IP PBX System for Small Office
Small Office Powerful Solid State IP PBX System is a Fully featured IP PBX that supports the complete line of IPitomy features including the Desktop Q Manager.  Besides all of IPitomy's great features, the Small Office is a compact chassis that is easy to mount using the convenient VESA bracket. Powerful text messaging with all users plus text messaging with cell phones using any XMPP chat client.  Full presence management in the office or from a mobile phone such as the IPhone or Android.

The Small Office supports screen pops in any web based application such as Salesforce.com, V-Tiger and is capable of displaying incoming caller location on a Google map.The system is an impressive application platform that will meet the needs of small business. 

Small Office comes fully integrated with IPitomy SIP trunking. Small Office not only saves money on the initial purchase, but saves money every month with low cost high quality SIP Trunking. .  Remote users, conference bridge, web based administration and all of the IP PBX features you need to keep your business on the technological forefront of features and benefits.  Supports up to 25 users.  Applications employing call recording and other intensive options should use the IP1200-XL with more than 25 users.
The IPitomy IP1200-XL is a powerful business communications platform. It is a pure IP PBX designed with exceptional unified communications performance for businesses up to 100 users. The system is compatible with analog lines and T1 /PRI lines for traditional Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) connectivity. In addition to traditional telephone lines, the IPitomy IP1200-XL can use VoIP service providers, replacing traditional PSTN lines with a broadband connection.

The Perfect Office Solution
IP1200-XL handles all of your communications requirements in the office. The IP1200-XL can be configured in any way that best suits your telecommunications needs. Easy connection to VoIP over your existing data connection or easy connection to PSTN lines using add on cards and IPitomy gateways. If your network requires a fast moving T1 line, we have it. T1 cards can support standard T1 technology and also PRI’s. The IPitomy IP1200-XL can also support dual port T1 cards. With this state of the art system the possibilities are endless. The IP1200 ’s long list of features, exceptional reliability record and pure IP technology are the perfect combination for businesses that want unified communications advantages and investment protection.

Quality and Security with Every Call
At IPitomy, quality voice connections are not just an afterthought. IPitomy’s high performance unified communications system is capable of providing quality of service technology as well as inclusion of state of the art jitter and echo cancellation not found on more expensive systems. The result is high quality voice transmission on every call.

IPitomy systems come with an impressive feature set.  The standard feature set is huge and contains standard features that may be considered optional in many competitive products

A Power Tool For Your Company

IPitomy’s powerful ACD solution provides incredible capabilities to get your customers connected to the right agent fast.

Agents and Supervisors get the big picture when using Q-Manager. Q-Manager provides insight into all queued calls and agent status. All User and Agent Status is encapsulated in a small panel that provides lots of information about the user/agent at a glance. This avoids cumbersome additional screens for displaying information. Displaying all user/agent status in a single panel leaves more room on the screen to get the big picture without complicating training.

Q-Manager can display many more calls in a smaller space than most competitors products while displaying much more information. The screen above shows 25 Agents at a glance. Panels can be resized to suit users preference.


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